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Mobile CT Scans

The advantages of CBCT scan:

Cone Beam CT—Achieve final display utilizing volumetric tomography (voxels not pixels). A 3D x-ray beam and a 360° scan unite to produce 3D volumetric image with the help of sophisticated algorithms. This process is exceptionally useful for evaluation of bones of the skull.
Greatly reduced radiation exposure to patient (by 98%!)



Rapid Scan time (10-30 sec) result in increased accuracy due to reduced movement by patient.
Accurate image—voxels of CBCT are smaller than spiral CT in sub-millimeter resolution (0.4-0.125 mm) which exceeds the highest grade multi slice CT. Smaller size of irradiated area.
Reduced artifact image due to suppression algorithms and increased number of projections

Unique display modes Software to read data can be made available on CD ROM. This allows real time analysis & measurements & limited planning of treatment modalities.

Precision Guided Surgery offers you:

We provide scanning and treatment planning services for stress free, cost effective, accurate and predictable dental surgical procedures. Scan time is quick (18-26 sec). Scan is provided in a state of the art mobile facility.
Our imaging technologist will accommodate to your individual technical needs to optimize desired results at minimal radiation exposure.
Global will provide you with the ability to take a CBCT scan at your office, with an imaging technologist you will get to know, who will guide you and work with you to achieve the most accurate treatment and predictable results for your surgical procedures.
We Go to You, Your Private Cone Beam CT Scanner
– Mobile CT Scan, lets you offer your patients the latest technology in 3-D imaging and Low Radiation.
– Our Mobile Scans unlike Medical CT Scans, show images of areas that dentist are accustom to see.
– You don’t have to purchase expensive equipment.
– No training of staff to handle the new technology.
– Patients will have 100% compliance on your imaging Rx.
– Patients don’t have the burden of looking for a hospital or imaging laboratory.
– Our CBCT service allows you to charge directly to your patient UCR fees or the patients dental or medical insurance for the scan.


Here are the documents you can download in PDF format:

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PDX CBCT Scan Prescription Form


PGS Standard of Care

PGS CBCT Comparitive

iCat Billing Codes